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This is a short presentation of our service provider and consultant network with integration of further external services.

We focus on these services

Business-, financial- and computer/cybercrime research.
These divisions overlap very often. The preservation of evidence is often very demanding, especially in the case of white-collar crime. The criminals in collars and pinstripes are usually highly trained and have highly paid lawyers who check all legal preventive and defensive measures in advance. This does not exclude illegal measures of them.

If you wish, we can also work hand-in-hand with your lawyers or the criminal investigation department. Of course, we can recommend capable specialist lawyers, whether civil or criminal law. In addition, we communicate in the area of prevention with Europol.

Preservation of evidence, - recording and processing of the results for lawyers or police is a matter of course. Advertising for lawyers or tax specialists is not allowed for professional reasons. Therefore, recommendation and cooperation only takes place in case of mandate.

Prevention of economic and financial crime
You want to expand or sell your business, sell real estate or other assets and have doubts about the honesty of your future business partners? Have them and their sources checked, submit the documents to be checked and largely exclude risks! Particularly in the case of investment and/or loan transactions, pitfalls cannot be found immediately and in a simple visual inspection.

EDP/IT security and loss prevention, protection of privacy or against mobbing
To protect your customers, employees and IT systems or networks, we offer professional IT specialists for every field of application. We also check senders to prevent ID scam (identity fraud or abuse) or spoofing (misuse and falsification of third party addresses).

Litigation funding research
For the financing of legal steps we check possibilities of your process and lawyer financing. If necessary, we also involve private litigation financing companies, purchase of receivables, help with legal aid problems in consultation with lawyers. Evidence gathering, witness research and questioning possible.

Plant, industrial and data espionage
incl. integration of appropriate security measures and prevention.

Personal and company verification, contract partner research.
Prevention of inclusion of false business partners or companies. Prevention of identity fraud (ID scam) or data fishing, spoofing test and research.

External services:

Protection of your premises, roommates, employees, etc.

We provide state-of-the-art alarm systems, surveillance systems. Upon request, we involve technicians.

Partners of property protection provide surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of emergency, armed mobile security guards will be sent to you to check on your house and property. Special surveillance in case of suspicion of industrial espionage can also be adapted to your needs.

Goods security and loss prevention
To protect your customers, employees and goods, we offer professionally trained security guards for on-site use in retail and wholesale. They can work in suits or conventional civilian clothes, depending on the customer's requirements.

Security in industry and companies
We can provide security guards for direct protection of business sites and commercial properties, such as factories, banks, hotels, museums, healthcare facilities, and office buildings. Security force duties include: Access control, guarding facilities, loss prevention, reception services, escorting visitors and employees, mobile patrol, emergency assistance, bodyguarding, and evacuation.

Bodyguards and Protection Training We have specially trained bodyguards for personal protection of high-ranking individuals, executives, dignitaries, politicians, VIPs and their family members.

Expert opinions for art objects (paintings, fine arts, vintage cars, etc.)

Sect and problem area consulting
We work here with consultants who deal intensively with these problems professionally, academically or also on a voluntary basis. They help you, your colleagues, your relatives or their family members.

Goods delivery inspection, technical tests
We cooperate with well-known international companies such as SGS to prevent defects or counterfeiting.



Services, fees (net):


Cybercrime & white-collar crime prevention (JC-SC)

Installation of security equipment, surveillance systems, IT services - from 55 EUR/h.

Junior Consulting - from 79 EUR/h.

Senior Consulting for highest demands from 130 EUR/h

Consulting of other network partners incl. specialist lawyers, computer scientists etc. 130-350 EUR/h.

In extensive cases a case lump sum (contribution to expenses and share of success) can be agreed upon.   

Costs may be covered by specialized financiers (e.g. legal cost financiers) or by the opposing party. *                                                              


Via cooperation partner:

Security guard on site by arrangement

Personal security officer (bodyguard) - on a contractual basis. Call 0800 2888 666 for a cost estimate.

Due to the variety of different circumstances, an exhaustive list does not make sense!


*Is there a reimbursability of costs, are they to be transferred to the causer if it comes to court proceedings?

Are you concerned about costs that might arise from our mandate?

No reason! In many cases these costs are transferable to the causer, always if it is proportionate and necessary for the success of the lawsuit.